How To Brush When You Have Braces

It can be super hard to brush when you have braces. To help, we have a few tips we would like to share for our teen and adult patients who are working with an orthodontist to straighten their teeth.

  1. Add a cleaning visit or two to hygiene routine. We normally recommend a routine cleaning every 6 months. However, with our patients who have braces, we like to see you every 3-4 months. This is because we can get to the harder-to-reach spots better. No one wants to get braces off to find out they need several cavities filled! So, come in for an extra visit and let us help get those pearly-whites, sparkly-clean!
  1. Don’t forget the rinse and floss. Brushing is just part of the equation. If you have braces, it is even more important to include mouthwash and flossing in the routine. And yes, we know flossing is hard with braces. It takes a little extra attention and care, but it is possible. And VERY important. If you have questions, ask your hygienist!
  1. Eat right. Your orthodontist probably already told you… but remember to eat right! Sticky foods, candies, and other food that could get caught in your braces will lead to cavities if it is not brushed out and cleaned. If you can’t get your teeth thoroughly brushed immediately after eating a meal or drinking a sugary drink, find something else to eat.
  1. Bring your toothbrush. More frequent tooth-brushing means less intense tooth-brushing! Remove plaque and food particles after meals with your to-go toothbrush, kept in your bag, backpack or purse. Just remember to keep it covered and clean with a bristle-protector.

Braces are temporary, but your teeth—but with proper care—can last your lifetime. If you have any questions, or would like guidance on how to brush with braces, just make an appointment. We would love to see your smile.

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