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Time for Dentures?

Many people delay getting dentures, thinking that they’re only for the elderly and by getting dentures, you have to admit that you are, in fact… older.

But that’s not true.

The truth is, many people, including young, healthy people, have dentures. And, many older Americans also have dentures. Dentures do not define a person, and they certainly do not automatically age you. You may be surprised to find out that a set of dentures has the potential to give you a new lease on life. A set of dentures can make you look younger and even make you feel healthier! Perhaps even, BE healthier!

What Can Dentures Do for You?

  • Dentures replace lost teeth due to damage. This damage could be due to illness, a traumatic injury (for example: a sports injury such as hockey), or due to cavities and infections leading to extraction—and unfortunately, that can happen at any age.
  • Dentures restore a full smile, the ability to chew food, and allow you to live without dental pain by removing the teeth that are no longer healthy. A white toothy smile helps with confidence, and the appearance of youth and health. With dentures also comes the freedom many have lost to chew the foods they love. Many patients with lost or damaged teeth find themselves missing their favorite dishes, and the variety of food, because they can’t eat them due to lack of teeth or pain. Dentures can change all that!

How Do I Know If Dentures Are Right for Me?

The first step in deciding if dentures are right for you, is scheduling a consultation. We will examine your remaining teeth and mouth, take x-rays, and schedule an appointment to extract teeth that need to be removed. After the extraction process, your mouth and gums will need to help, usually about a week. Then you will have another appointment for a fitting, where we will take molds of your mouth. A set of dentures will be custom made for you. Once your new set of dentures is ready, you’ll have a follow up appointment to pick them up, go over how to wear them, cleaning, and any other instructions. There will be an adjustment period as you get used to your new dentures, so we’ll go over what to expect.

If you’re anxious about getting dentures, we can help discuss the pros and cons for you as well as other cosmetic dental alternatives that may be available. Give us a call today for a consultation. We’ll go through the entire process, determine if a full set, or partial dentures is right for you, and discuss cost. In many cases insurance will cover some or all of the cost of your new dentures. If you don’t have insurance, don’t worry, we offer an In House Savings Plans for those without dental insurance.

Soon you will be on your way to a bright, healthy new smile!

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